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Please note the following steps when preparing for your appointment:

Step 1 – Money Laundering Regulations require all notaries to keep evidence of the identity and residential address (less than 3 months old) of all their clients.

Each person whose signature they are to certify must provide one of the following original identification documents at their appointment:


Driving licence

National identity card (EEA State Members)

An armed forces pass (with photograph and signature)

Firearms licence (with photograph and signature)

Residence permit

Acceptable proof of residence includes one of the following original documents:

Bank statement or letter from bank

Utility bill or council tax bill

Tenancy agreement or Housing Association rent card

Inland revenue tax demand or self assessment statement

Step 2 – If signing with a different name, evidence of your previous name is required such as your marriage certificate or change of name deed.

Step 3 – It will be helpful if you could bring a copy of the instructions received from the person who prepared the document or your lawyer.

Step 4 – If signing under a Power of Attorney, please bring the original or certified copy of the Power of Attorney with you.

Step 5 – If the document is in a foreign language you will need to bring an official English translation with you. If you do not, I will be unable to witness the execution of a document I cannot read. You will need to meet the cost of obtaining an official translation.

Company documents

In addition to the above, if a document is being signed on behalf of a company, I will require the following:
The full name of the company so that I may undertake a company registry search prior to the appointment
Evidence of the signatories’ authority to sign the document on behalf of the company such as the original signed Board Resolution which must also confirm that the Board of Directors agree to the company entering into the transaction.

Sonia Ashley
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